A New Zealand export success story.

PRO-FORM; ‘bringing parts together to create professional shape and configuration’.

PRO-FORM is a team of automotive accessory professionals who continuously transform transport. A team committed to continued learning, trying new ways and who earn their world-class status of excelling in the global plastics market.

PRO-FORM provides a complete service from design, tool making, production and international logistics. Based in New Zealand and exporting to 65 countries, PRO-FORM operates some of the largest extrusion and vacuum forming equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.

PRO-FORM provides automotive security, protection, style and ease via its range of leading automotive accessories which are delivered to automotive companies throughout the world.


Our History



PRO-FORM provide products that protect your precious cargo. From the bed of your new pickup, the tools of your trade or your family camping gear.

PRO-FORM is committed to seeking designs, materials and processes that are sustainable and better for our environment.


PRO-FORM produces functional products made from durable, high quality materials that provide security and peace of mind.


PRO-FORM products are both stylish and sporty to enhance the look of your vehicle.

Leading-edge design and innovation ensures PRO-FORM products serve to inspire and leave people thinking “I want my vehicle to look like that”.


PRO-FORM’s innovative designs ensure products are adjustable, easy to install, easy to remove and most have non-drill fitment methods.

Doing business with PRO-FORM means developing a relationship where you’ll receive incredible value and excellent customer service from a team dedicated to success.

Our purpose is to transform transport... More sporty... More functional... More secure... More durable...

Nick Smith, CEO