Enhance your interior while offering lasting PROTECTION.

PRO-FORM Cargoliners are formed to fit.  Not only formed to perfectly fit your vehicle but also to fit your lifestyle.  Whether it’s your shopping bags, outdoor equipment, camping gear, dirty sports gear or the family dog – PRO-FORM Cargoliners are made from an exclusive TPE blend that is both durable and has skid-reduction characteristics to reduce cargo movement plus its roll-over edge design provides contour hugging rigidity to contain spills. 

PRO-FORM offer Cargoliners for a wide range of models and are able to quickly and cost-effectively design and build moulds for OEM projects.


PRO-FORM’s Cargoliners provide interior protection from all types of wear and tear – waterproof, resistant to chemicals and no unpleasant odours on hot days.


The roll-over edge design provides contour hugging rigidity which ensures PRO-FORM Cargoliners hold their shape in all temperature conditions.


Custom moulded specifically for your vehicle ensuring a perfect fit and when your Cargoliner isn’t needed, it rolls up easily for transportation or storage.