Interested in purchasing your own plastic extruded sheet?

PRO-FORM are specialists in plastic sheet manufacturing, using the process of extruding and co-extruding virgin plastic resin. We’ve acquired this specialist knowledge from more than 15 years of extrusion experience, creating our own high quality sheet in-house, which we thermoform into our premium automotive products that are distributed from Hamilton, New Zealand to over 60 countries.

We’ve spent years perfecting the process for our own applications, and this gives us a competitive advantage. Making world-leading, quality pickup truck accessories begins with world-quality extruded sheet. We have continuously innovated and added technical modifications to our sheet making process, which is the reason for our high quality and in-depth technical understanding we have today.

After 22 years of high volume thermo-forming and plastic engineering, it’s fair to say we speak your language. We understand your processes, your problems and we can offer the capabilities, innovation and ongoing technical support to apply and add value to your own developments. 

We have a committed and innovative plastic sheet extrusion team who manufacture for our internal applications as well as for a variety of industrial applications throughout Australia and New Zealand. The extrusion team has manufactured plastic sheet for a large variety of applications including water tanks, wall cladding, plastic pallets, horse floats, rubbish bins, boats, various marine applications and more. We have an in-house CNC Router which means we can add value to your sheet by cutting custom shapes, designs or patterns to suit your needs.

PRO-FORM is a premium supplier of automotive products, and quality is embedded in everything we do, from our products through to the service and technical support we provide. PRO-FORM’s quality management system reflects our passion and drive for excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. We have a very tight product quality control system which we follow with every sheet order to ensure you are receiving the best finished product. PRO-FORM are certified as ISO 9001 compliant.

PRO-FORM can also take care of all your distribution and shipping services with our excellent, finely tuned in-house supply chain and distribution department, which ships daily around New Zealand, Australia and the world.

Interested in purchasing plastic sheet?

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