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Volkswagen Amarok to join the SportLid for Tango range

VW Amarok Transformation Station (1)

Our new generation SportLid range, the Sportlid for Tango (SLT) has been a huge success since its launch in 2016. It fills a gap in the market for pickup truck owners who want a high-quality, OEM looking product that is also packed full of features to provide exceptional functionality.

We’re now excited to add another model to the Sportlid for Tango range, the Volkswagen Amarok. Ever since the initial development for the SLT range we’ve been especially excited to get the Volkswagen model launched. We feel as though the SLT’s premium feel and finish parallels superbly with that of the German auto-makers, Amarok. A product where style, crosses with functionality and quality.

Although seemingly similar at a glance, the Sportlid for Tango has many features ahead of competitor offerings and the previous SportLid I and SportLid II, starting from the construction.



While the SportLid I and II range was constructed from a twin skin ABS plastic, the new SLT is made up of a hybrid aluminium and ABS plastic construction. This aluminium chassis construction gives the Sportlid a very strong base, which allows for the roof channels and direct SportBar mounting.



The original SportLid I and II are mounted to the truck using a basic steel bracket. The SLT is instead mounted to the aluminiumTango rail. Tango is a mounting platform which not only makes for a cleaner finish but also has top and side channels which can be used for adding tie hooks, bed dividers and other channel accessories.

VW Amarok Transformation Station (1)

The Tango rail allows for very easy SportLid removal in seconds without any tools. View more on the Tango rail here.



The SportLid has a quality key lock which latches to the tailgate. This means that even if the tailgate is left unlocked, a thief could not access the under the lid. The premium Sportlid option includes central locking, so you don’t have to remember to lock the lid separately.

Volkswagen Amarok Sportlid for Tango (SLT)-9


Premium Features

The Volkswagen Amarok SportLid for Tango is available in a standard or premium model option. The premium model features all the standard features as well as central locking integration, touch-pad opening and an automatic LED light. Central locking is the highlight premium feature which allows the SportLid to be unlocked and locked via the factory key fob, for a seamless user experience.


SportBar Options

You can easily bolt on extra style to the Volkswagen Amarok SLT with the option of adding multiple SportBar options. Whether it be PRO-FORM’s own SportBar in black or polished finish, the OEM bar or the Canyon/Ventura bar the choice is yours. Whichever bar you choose, it will mount sturdily to the lid, by bolting through the lids aluminium under-chassis.

PRO-FORM’s unique hinge allows for the lid and bar to lift away from the cab, without colliding. This also means the lid no longer needs those space robbing side-pods which get in the way of accessing the side of the tub.


Rack options

The integrated top c-channels allow for an easy addition of Thule and Rhino Rack racks. These c-channels are supported by the underside aluminium chassis. This gives them the strong base they need, to be able to support a 75kg dynamic (moving load). If you plan to open the lid with a load on, we recommend the load be less than 20kg.

We often use the lid with Rhino Rack products. The RLT600 feet are great for mounting, which we normally combine with a vortex 1650mm black bar or a 1350mm black bar. Product codes VA165B and VA135B respectively.

VW Amarok Transformation Station (1)

If Rhino Rack isn’t available in your country we also recommend a Thule setup of: RT753: Rapid System Foot Pack (4 x feet), TK3101-TRACK:  Adaptor kit for RT753 for track mounting and GL9622: Wing Bars Black (2 x bars in kit). This setup is shown in the photo below.

thule ute lid


Finish Options

The Amarok SLT is offered in both a smooth paint ready surface or a black textured finish which doesn’t need painting.


We’re excited to now be able to offer you our most advanced Sportlid for the Volkswagen as well. If you have any questions then please contact us.


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