Accessorisation starts here

Accessory docking and bed-rail protection

Transformation starts here. Tango is a unique docking system providing the ultimate mounting solution for transforming your pickup bed. After the easy no-drill installation you can begin to ‘plug and play’ various accessories to customise your vehicle for whatever activities decide to throw at it.

Available for a range of double cab pickup truck models included Ford Ranger T6, Toyota Hilux Revo, Nissan Navara NP300, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado, Chevrolet Colorado, Isuzu D-Max and the Volkswagen Amarok.

  • Additional information
  • Provides an accessory docking platform
  • Accessory channels rated to 75kg
  • Impact protection for your bed rail
  • No-drill installation
  • Aluminium construction
  • Tango's accessory tracks make customisation of your pickup bed easy

  • Add extra functionality to your truck bed

  • Tango for your work

  • Use tie hooks to create mounting points along the whole Tango rail

  • Tango for your life

  • Tango for your life

  • Tango top rails

Make it your own


Tango accessory docking can help transfer your vehicle from a practical work machine to the ultimate adventure platform in moments . Click to see the transformation.


What’s on the agenda for this weekend? Do you plan on heading to the ski field or the mountain bike park – either or Tango has you covered!

Why did we make Tango?

We wanted to create a universal platform which once installed, allowed the truck owner to accessorize to suit their life quickly and easily – without any special tools or drilling. This new ease of customisation means you can simply change the back of your pickup for a weekend away.

Going to take the bikes? No problem, fit roof rails and a bike rack in 10 minutes! Need to re-install your SportLid to keep your gear dry? Clip it back on to Tango in just moments. Add and move tie hooks to any position to the rail in seconds. The flexibility of Tango is endless!

Fit your Pick-up

See what Tango and other PRO-FORM products look like fitted to your vehicle here!

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